SSS recap of 2015 then a look forward to 2016 and beyond

  • Ashton Jones
  • Feb 24, 2016

2015 was a busy year for SSS (and from what we could see, for most of our customers as well). We have built on 30 years of momentum and are now growing faster than ever.

We now have many more customers in New Zealand and have started expanding into Australia. We have had significant growth in our Security Consulting division, with  a wider range of services, 6 full time staff and numerous contractors working within the division (and other employees who work part time). We have also taken on a number of new vendors and now represent a very diverse range of security products.

In 2015 we went through a full rebrand of our company, website and collateral and we celebrated our 30th year anniversary in November.

All of this growth has meant that we have nearly doubled our overall headcount across our three divisions over the last year.

 For 2016 (and beyond), we are focussing on ensuring that the growth we are experiencing doesn’t detrimentally affect our culture or ability to add real value to all our customer engagements. Customer satisfaction is a key focus for us which is why we have been employing more support and engineering staff to keep up with the increase in customer numbers.   

We are also expanding our capability by creating new roles dedicated to improving our efficiency, processes and also to manage our projects more effectively.

 IT security is an exciting and dynamic industry and we are excited to continue working with all of you.