SSS - IT Security Specialists Named APAC Partner of the Year by AT&T Cybersecurity

SSS – IT Security Specialists Named APAC Partner of the Year by AT&T Cybersecurity

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  • Mar 14, 2024

Auckland, New Zealand – 15 March 2024

SSS – IT Security Specialists, a leading provider of managed IT security services, with offices in Auckland and Wellington, has been named the APAC Partner of the Year by global cybersecurity firm AT&T. This recognition signifies SSS’s excellence in delivering innovative cybersecurity solutions and its commitment to protecting New Zealand’s government and private sector businesses from evolving digital threats.

SSS is an established presence in the cybersecurity landscape, specialising in Identity and Access Management, Managed Security Operations, and Cybersecurity Consulting. Through its dedication to these critical areas, SSS has built a strong reputation for offering tailored security solutions that meet the unique challenges faced by organisations in today’s complex digital environment. Central to SSS’s success is its Managed Detection and Response service, a key feature of the Security Operations Centre (SOC) that the company operates. This service has been crucial in detecting and responding to cyber threats more efficiently, giving clients the confidence and assurance that their digital assets are secure.

Luke Taylor, CEO of SSS, expressed his satisfaction with the company’s achievements, stating, “We are extremely pleased with our managed detection and response service, which we offer as part of our Security Operations Centre (SOC), and this award is a testament to our efforts in developing an innovative and responsive SOC in conjunction with AT&T.”

Barry Skidmore, Senior Sales Director, Global MSSP and Channel at AT&T, shared his excitement about the partnership, “We’re excited to award SSS with our 2024 AT&T Cybersecurity APAC Partner of the Year award. This award is a testament to the commitment of SSS as a trusted cybersecurity solution provider throughout the region, and we’re grateful for our partnership.”

This recognition by AT&T not only underscores SSS’s proficiency and success in the realm of cybersecurity but also highlights the effective collaboration between SSS and AT&T. Together, they have crafted tailored solutions to combat the dynamically changing threat landscape faced by New Zealand organisations. Utilising AT&T’s global insights and advanced technologies, SSS has enhanced its ability to safeguard clients’ digital environments.

As digital threats continue to evolve, SSS is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of cybersecurity, ensuring that its clients in both the government and private sectors are equipped with the most advanced protection available. This award reaffirms SSS’s status as a leader in the IT security industry, not just in New Zealand but across the Asia-Pacific region.