Elevate your protection with the new Sophos XG Firewall v18

  • SSS – Sales
  • Feb 25, 2020

Sophos recently announced that the new XG Firewall v18 is now available. It includes the all-new Xtream Architecture and delivers new levels of visibility, protection, and performance.

The new architecture includes:

  • Xstream SSL inspection – Using new technology for SSL inspection without compromising network performance or user experience.
  • Xtream DPI Engine – comprehensive threat protection in a single high-performance streaming DPI engine with proxyless scanning of all traffic for AV, IPS, and web threats, as well as providing application control and SSL inspection.
  • Xtream Network Flow FastPath – intelligently accelerating traffic processing to transfer trusted traffic at wire speeds.

These networking features mean that performance can be guaranteed at higher levels and produce a scalable and more consistent result regardless of the amount of traffic flying through your gateway.

Some other features that are included:

  • AI-powered threat intelligence, analysis, and reporting
  • Expanded notification and alerts
  • Real-time flow monitoring
  • Synchronised SD-WAN via the Sophos SD-WAN RED Devices
  • Sophos Central Firewall reporting and management
  • NAT enhancements – NAT rules are now managed separably so can be more flexibly designed to fit any requirement. **
  • Enhanced DDNS support
  • Intelligent IPS signature selection

** The new NAT rules may cause confusion given they add complexity to existing functionality so for help, please contact us on …. or email… and one of our consultants can be in touch.

Here is a short video clip showing you an overview of everything that’s new in XG Firewall v18. 

How do you get the XG Firewall v18?

The firmware will be available for upgrade for existing licensed XG firewall clients in the near future. You can also manually update this at any time via MySophos.

If you are not yet an existing Sophos XG client, but want to know more and if this is right for your business, contact us on 04 917 6670 or email sales@sss.co.nz and one of our consultants can be in touch.