What StopIT does

Let StopIT® monitor the traffic through your MIMEsweeper SMTP gateway to establish accurate representative maxima for normal message volume and numbers for all sending users and domains. Then use this information to protect your site from abnormal traffic patterns.

Possible uses of StopIT® are when:
Your mail system users create very high volumes of low priority mail by mailing large messages to large mailing lists. StopIT® can identify unusual volume patterns, tag messages for parking by MIMEsweeper for SMTP, and for release by MIMEsweeper for SMTP at off peak times.

You want a report of the typical maximum volume or number of messages sent by a user or from a domain in a specified period of time (e.g. minute, hour, day).

Worm virus infection at one of your business partner's sites results in large numbers of infected messages hitting your site, constituting an attempted denial of service attack.

Your system suffers from mail loops as might occur if "out of office attendants" get chatting, or an internal recipient is automatically forwarding messages to an external account that fills up and generates error messages which are then sent back to the internal recipient.

You wish to conceal the content scanning mechanisms used on your outgoing e-mail, as well as the internal route that the mail has travelled to reach the intended recipients.