How StopIT works

StopIT® examines every mail message received by MIMEsweeper for SMTP to determine the size and the address of origin. If a message conforms to the StopIT® volume rules, then it is allowed to pass on for content checking by MIMEsweeper for SMTP.

StopIT® allows you to set the maximum volume (in Mbytes) and maximum number of messages sent from an origin (a specific user or domain) in a nominated time period. This is known as a StopIT® threshold for that origin. A specific user's number of messages and traffic volume can be included or excluded from the accumulated domain totals.

An example of a StopIT® threshold is as follows: can send a maximum of 100 messages, totalling no more than 50 Mbytes per 60 minutes and include in domain total.

When a StopIT® threshold is exceeded, a single inform message is sent to the system administrator advising which threshold has been exceeded. Messages from the origin can be tagged and processed using standard MIMEsweeper for SMTP functions or can be detained.

StopIT® continues to monitor message traffic and offers two options for action when volume drops below an exceeded threshold. It can allow mail from the origin to flow again without StopIT® tagging or detaining it or it can keep blocking mail until an administrator intervenes.

StopIT® is quite different to MIMEsweeper for SMTP's Park facility in two important respects; it operates on messages received over a period of time rather than on an individual message, and, it operates on message numbers not just size. Combine StopIT® with MIMEsweeper for SMTP's Park facility to get better control.