What SecureIT does

SecureIT® is a stand-alone S/MIME SMTP relay that adds S/MIME encryption and digital signing to standard email systems.

SecureIT® is also an S/MIME extension to MIMEsweeper for SMTP's powerful, policy-based content security engine. This helps to prevent damage from threats that might be hidden in the content of encrypted e-mail.

SecureIT® can also be used by ISPs, ASPs and in cloud based SAAS to provide S/MIME messaging services.

SecureIT® provides encryption/decryption and signing/signature verification to S/MIME standards at the gateway. This avoids the high cost, complexity and security pitfalls associated with desktop solutions.

SecureIT® automates the process for establishing and maintaining links to other S/MIME gateways. This guarantees security policy is always applied and makes the set up and operation of links transparent to end users and administrators.

SecureIT® has its own Certificate Authority software (licensed separately) that can be used to generate traditional RSA key pairs and Advanced Employee Certificates as used in Danish government S/MIME systems.