SecureIT Standards

SecureIT® is accredited by the New Zealand Government for use in its Secure Electronic Environment.

SecureIT® provides encryption with a choice of: RC2 (40, 64 and 128-Bit), DES (56-Bit), Triple DES (168-Bit) and AES algorithms with X9.31 PRNG.

Digital signing uses RSA with MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2. Both clear signing and opaque signing are supported.

SecureIT® supports X.509 v3 certificates with key lengths of 512, 1024, 2048 or 4096-Bit. These can be issued by any of the major Certificate Authorities, or self-signed certificates can be generated by SecureIT®. Private key import from PKCS#12 containers and storage in an encrypted vault. Public key import from P7C, P7B, CER, PEM and PKCS#12 containers and LDAP directories.

SecureIT® supports S/MIME v3 capabilities.

SecureIT® is available in SMTP relay mode under MS-Windows and Linux and available for MIMEsweeper for SMTP under MS-Windows.