Why Choose ReleaseIT

Flexibility and Functionality
ReleaseIT® has the flexibility to allow processing of many different classifications simultaneously. Use ReleaseIT® for managing SPAM classifications, Image classifications, Language Classifications and more.

ReleaseIT® has five modes of operation. Four of these modes are for use by internal staff (authorised approvers); Outbound Self Release/Delete, Outbound Referred Release/Delete, Inbound Self Release/Delete and Inbound Referred Release/Delete. The fifth mode is for very special circumstances and allows Inbound Release by an external party.

An authorised approver can process (release or delete) messages for all recipients at one time or for only a single recipient.

Authorised approvers can be the internal sender or recipient, or another authorised person identified from an LDAP, SQL or table lookup.
Simplicity and Security
ReleaseIT® is fully self contained, it does not require IIS and only ReleaseIT® software is added on to the MIMEsweeper for SMTP server.

End users do not get direct access to MIMEsweeper for SMTP quarantine areas.

ReleaseIT® has a comprehensive audit and logging system that allows large corporations to manage the policy exception auditing process.
Service and Support
ReleaseIT® is well documented and is backed up by SSS's responsive support service.

Tell us what you need in a quarantine area management system and the chances are that if its not already in ReleaseIT®, then we will be able to put it in.