What ReleaseIT does

ReleaseIT® can assist when e-mail content security is first introduced.
Set a simple, tight policy, issue comprehensive informational messages when policy is breached, and let users release messages until they become familiar with the new policies and modify their behavior.

ReleaseIT® can be used to manage:
Potential release of proprietary information by e-mail.

Subtleties of appropriate use e.g. an attachment contains certain words or phrases, or is an image or sound file, which may or may not be work related. MIMEsweeper for SMTP blocks it in case it is an inappropriate document. An authorised person can choose to release this e-mail if they believe it does not violate company policy.

Auditing of policy exceptions.

Special situations like ensuring control of e-mail correspondence with the media.
ReleaseIT® allows out of hours and remote access release for time critical or 24 x 7 operations.

Combine ReleaseIT® with SSS's SecureIT® to provide authenticated release of signed and encrypted e-mail.