Email Delay Gateway - Message Retrieval

RecallIT® preserves your organisation's professional image by allowing e-mail users to recall faulty messages before they leave your organisation.

Often, you will know the instant you have hit the send button that a message was wrong, or your colleagues will quickly call you if they notice something wrong with a message you have sent to a mixture of internal and external recipients. Until now, once a message had been sent to external parties it could not be retrieved.

RecallIT® also facilitates the management and review of "sensitive" emails by internal recipients before they are released to external recipients.

RecallIT® is available either as a stand alone "appliance", or integrated with MIMEsweeper.

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  • What RecallIT does

    RecallIT® allows you to get those faulty messages back and gives you another chance.

    RecallIT® allows you to get those faulty messages back and gives you another chance.

    RecallIT® can eliminate the embarrassment of mistakenly sending a message:
    That is incomplete (e.g. forgetting to include an attachment referred to in the body, or pressing "send" too early by mistake)
    To an unintended recipient
    With content you discover is out of date or incorrect immediately after sending it. (e.g. copying a message, changing the address but forgetting to change the salutation)
    Containing more than you intended (e.g. forgetting to take old e-mail content and attachments off when replying or forwarding)
    Containing wrong words which are spelled correctly (e.g. Retards instead of Regards, Toady instead of Today or Bets Wishes instead of Best Wishes)
    To external parties that is intended for internal circulation only

    RecallIT® briefly holds e-mail before it leaves your site. This gives you a chance to recall the message if necessary.

    RecallIT® also allows individual emails to be held indefinitely until they are either explicitly approved for release or deleted. This together with informational subject line parameters and configurable permissions means that internal email senders/reviewers can get sensitive emails just right prior to releasing to external recipients.

    RecallIT® uses Subject Line Parameters to override the default delay on a message-by-message basis. Urgent messages can be "stamped" to leave immediately if required. Other messages can be stamped as embargoed until specific times. Embargoing allows sensitive information to be released to all interested parties at a specified time or for large mail outs to be sent during work hours but not transmitted until after working hours.

  • How RecallIT works

    RecallIT® introduces a policy controlled delay in sending e-mail, thereby giving the sender the chance to recall messages if necessary.

    RecallIT® introduces a policy controlled delay in sending e-mail, thereby giving the sender the chance to recall messages if necessary.
    The elements of the centrally defined recall policy are:
    Whether e-mail from an internal sender can be recalled or not
    The duration of the delay period for the e-mail
    For example:
    Mail from * delay 5 minutes during working hours
    where * is the internal address range to which the policy applies.

    Users can manage their messages by using RecallIT's browser based graphical user interface or RecallIT's e-mail message interface. Recalled messages can be amended and resent. Selected messages can be released immediately, held indefinitely or deleted.

    Username/password access to the GUI is authenticated against Active Directory or other LDAP directory servers. All e-mail addresses associated with the authenticated user are obtained from the directory using a separate query.

    Messages are encrypted to preserve message confidentiality whilst waiting for the recall delay to expire. At delay expiry, the held message is decrypted and sent.

    RecallIT® understands three time zones; working hours, night time and weekends/holidays.
    If a company policy states that no messages should leave the gateway in the weekend, RecallIT® can hold all messages until Monday morning.

    RecallIT® provides Subject Line Parameters to:
    "Stamp" a message with an E-mail Protective Marking to show it is for internal distribution only.
    RecallIT® will hold messages marked in this way indefinitely if an attempt is made to send them to external addresses.
    Add a warning to the subject line visible only to internal recipients. RecallIT® strips this warning before transmitting the message. This may be used to let internal recipients know who is on the BCC list.
    Conceal the To: and cc: lists and replace them with a sender specified list name. The default list name is Undisclosed recipients:;.