Shearwater Phriendly Phishing Awareness Training

As most of you will already be painfully aware, there has been an explosion in the incidence of phishing emails over the last year or so, with very real consequences to organisations.
Regardless of the security tools we deploy to counter phishing emails, our users will inevitably still end up receiving phishing emails in their inbox, and the user’s ability to recognise them and respond appropriately is critical. To date traditional methods of “training” users to do this have been far from effective.
To help our customers better train their users, SSS have brought Shearwater Phriendly Phishing Awareness Training to the NZ Market.

There are three phases to the Shearwater Phriendly Phishing Awareness Training program:

  • Baseline Audit – this uses a simulated phishing campaign to determine your organisation’s overall phishing risk, and to establish a baseline for future improvement measurements.
  • Awareness training - Delivered via the Internet; with tiers targeted at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, the training creates awareness of phishing threats and enables staff to develop phishing detection skills.
  • Learning Reinforcement - To enhance the training concepts and incorporate them into the employees’ day-to-day reality, staff members will receive simulated phishing emails, varying in sophistication, at random intervals. This is designed to help fine tune detection skills. If users open any of the simulated phishing emails and click on a link, they will be redirected to the portal for a training recap.