Shearwater KSec5 cyber security training

With the Keep Secure 5 (KSec5) awareness training series from Shearwater,  learners gain a deep understanding of current security threats, and how they came to be that way.

The KSec5 framework incorporates the five key and fundamental security rules that allow users to make smart and calculated security decisions with ease.  It empowers employees and dramatically changes the security culture across an entire organisation.

Each module is designed to build upon the other.  

The KSec5 awareness training series consists of the following modules:

  • Security foundations
  • Cyber-attack evolution
  • Social engineering
  • Online and remote threats
  • Internal threats
  • KSec5 framework

Your users will take away the following key learnings:

  • How cyber criminals think differently.
  • How hacking really works.
  • Perfect passphrases.
  • Opportunistic vs targeted attacks.
  • How hackers obtain and use your information.
  • Social media dangers.
  • Identity theft.
  • Phishing emails.
  • Download risks.
  • Data leakage.

To read more about the KSec5 awareness training and what is covered in each module, download the datasheet on the bottom right.

KSec5 provides a strong foundation and gives a complete understanding of security concepts.  This knowledge will not only benefit employees at work, but at home too.  Combined with the Shearwater Phriendly Phishing awareness simulation training, your employees will be in a powerful position to not only help protect your organisation against cyber attacks, but protect themselves at home too.