Secure File Sharing

Sometimes email, dropbox, USBs, and other insecure methods of sending files are not sufficient leave you with unacceptable security risks.

Our secure file transfer solutions provide other alternatives for securely sharing and collaborating on documents.

We offer our S/MIME gateway - SecureIT and also partner with Accellion who produce a comprehensive secure content sharing and collaboration utility, Kiteworks.

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  • Accellion Secure File Sharing

    Accellion are experts in providing effective and secure file sharing solutions.

    Accellion are experts in providing effective and secure file sharing solutions. They help protect your intellectual property, demonstrate compliance, and reap the full benefits of Office 365.

    Accellion secure file sharing empowers employees to work with third parties across a variety of secure channels: collaboration, virtual data rooms (VDR), managed file transfer (MFT), and SFTP. This approach reduces risk and cost by leveraging a common secure file sharing foundation with a single set of controls, governance policies, user management, and data source connectivity.

    Remove the risk of your employees selecting insecure options when file sizes are too big, or sending highly sensitive information via normal email (and accidentally sending it to the wrong recipients) - include a secure file sharing solution into your IT security initiatives to complement your other efforts.

    The platform we provide is Accellion kiteworks.

    In addition to offering secure and easy to use collaboration for files, Accellion kiteworks is a modern platform that has additional security and a range of measures that prevent and detect compromise within the platform including:

    • Dashboards and Anomalous User Behaviour Detection: Built in anomaly detection using proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence which alerts administrators to abnormal user behaviour on the platform.
    • Visibility: Logging and a dashboard that provides complete visibility of where files are going and who is accessing them.
    • Intrusion Detection: Built in IDS provides mitigation against inappropriate access which alerts administrators to atypical behaviour from users and to when files are changed.
    • Encryption: kiteworks encrypts each file individually and uniquely, before storing it on a separately encrypted disk. Data is protected in two separate layers for greater security.
    • Separation of Application and Data: Files stored in kiteworks are de-referenced from the application layer. Files remain truly encrypted at rest when other files are being called by the application.
    • Multi-Tier Architecture: kiteworks has been designed with a multi-tier architecture model. The architecture results in only web nodes being accessible publicly while Application and File storage remains in a secure zone.

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    Contact us on 04 917 6670 or if you would like to know more about how Accellion Secure File Sharing can help keep your information secure.

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    • Protect sensitive information and increase productivity.
    • Easy online collaboration and seamless workflow integration.
    • Analyse your strategic options with complete confidentiality.
    • Maximise security, compliance, and efficiency in all your board communications.
    • Lock down access with tight security.
    • Ensure compliance and data quality with total visibility, an audit trail, reporting, and analytics. 

    Complimentary Solutions

    Janusnet Data Classification

    By enforcing classification of your data and setting a rule that sensitive information cannot be sent via the usual email channels, you will effectively redirect staff to better protect your sensitive information. Click here to read more about Janusnet Data Classification.

    Information Security Awareness Training

    By including awareness training for your staff, you will increase their awareness of what information security is and their role in helping you protect your information. Click here to read more about our Information Security Awareness Training.

  • SEEMail Gateway

    SSS develops an authorised SEEMail gateway, SecureIT and is an authorised SEEMail supplier.

    SSS develops an authorised SEEMail gateway, SecureIT and is an authorised SEEMail supplier.

    SSS was a driving force in the New Zealand Government adopting SEEMail as a standard over 15 years ago.

    We are highly experienced in working with organisations on their SEEMail requirements and providing effective ongoing support.

    SEEMail offers the following benefits to participating Government Agencies:

    • all email traffic between agencies is secured
    • no one outside the sending agency can alter messages
    • the email comes from the sending agency as claimed
    • all email traffic between agencies authenticates the sending agency
    • appropriately marked email traffic cannot be inadvertently sent outside the SEEMail community.

    Read more about SEEMail here:

    Contact us on 04 917 6670 or if you would like to know more or see a demo about any of our email security solutions.