Gemalto SafeNet KeySecure: Centralised Cryptographic Key Management

SafeNet KeySecure from Gemalto is the industry leading centralised key management platform.  This is available as a hardware appliance or hardened virtual security appliance. 

With Gemalto's Safenet KeySecure solution, organisations can centrally, efficently and securely manage and store cryptographic keys and policies across the key management lifecycle and throughout the enterprise.  The SafeNet Encryption Key Management solution can manage keys across heterogeneious encryption platforms, offering support for the key management interoperability protocol (KMIP) standard as well as proprietary interfaces.

KeySecure enables administrators to simultaneously manage multiple, disparate encryption appliances and associated keys through a single, centralised key management platform.

Key management features

  • Heterogeneous key management.
  • Support for multiple key types.
  • Simplified, full lifecycle key support and automated operations.
  • Centralised administration of granular access, authorisation controls and separation of duties.
  • High-availability deployment and intelligent key sharing across geographically dispersed centres.
  • Detailed auditing and logging.
  • Next-generation solution for NetApp storage.
  • Format preserving encryption (FPE) for structured data such as credit card or social security numbers.
  • Infield software updates with easy installation of new features.

Encryption options

SafeNet KeySecure can be combined with a portfolio of encryptors to pair reliable encryption at the appropriate level and best-in-class key management.

  • Application-level encryption
  • Transparent database encryption
  • File-level encryption
  • Tokenisation for sensitive data
  • Virtual machine-level encryption

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