Gemalto SafeNet Hardware Security Modules

A hardware security module (HSM) is a dedicated crypto processor that is specifically designed as the root of trust in a wide variety of business applications including PKI, SSL/TLS encryption key protection, code signing, digital signing and blockchain.

SafeNet Hardware Security Modules provide the highest level of security by always storing cryptographic keys in secure hardware.  SafeNet HSMs provide a secure crypto foundation as the keys never leave the intrusion-resistant, tamper-evident FIPS-validated appliance.

Gemalto implements operations that make the deployment of secure HSMs as easy as possible and they are integrated with SafeNet Crypto Command Center for quick and easy crypto resource partitioning, reporting and monitoring.

What can you do with SafeNet Hardware Security Modules?

  • Address compliance requirements with solutions for Blockchain, GDPR, IoT, paper-to-digital initiatives, PCI DSS, digital signatures and data encryption.
  • Generate keys that are always stored in the intrusion-resistant, temper-evident FIPS-validated appliance.  This provides the strongest levels of access controls.
  • Create partitions with a dedicated Security Office per partition and segment through administrator key separation.

 Type of HSMs available

  • SafeNet Luna General Purpose HSMs
  • Transaction and Payment HSMs
  • Customisable HSMs
  • HSM Management

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