Entrust Datacard on-premise and standard PKI services

The Entrust Datacard on-premise and standard PKI services are ideal for those organisations that are looking for full in-house control over their PKI infrastructure as well as low complexity in their identity management processes.  It enables centralised control over the security infrastructure and streamlines management of the digital keys and certificates that secure user, device and application identities.  

Entrust Authority Security manager provides a rich policy, role and group management engine to allow the organisation to segment and distribute administrative capability in a variety of organisational models.  The comprehensive out-of-the-box certificate profile library allows the architecture to simultaneously deploy and manage a myriad of certificate enabled deployment models and use cases.

Key capabilities and benefits

  • Automated digital ID management including updates, revocation and recovery.
  • Support for large-scale deployments, enterprise and Citizen ID.
  • Web-based administration and end-user enrollment for delegated and distributed administrative processes.
  • Centrally managed policies and controls.
  • Certified for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 level 2.
  • Common criteria EAL 4+ certified.
  • Comprehensive and customisable auditing and reporting support for peer-to-peer and hierarchical cross-certification of CAs.
  • Support for X.509 certificates and CRL formats, PKIX-CMP, PKCS#7/10, SCEP, CMPv2 and EST.
  • Interoperability with LDAP directories, smart card management systems, OCSP responders and HSMs.
  • Available for deployment in Microsoft® Windows®, Oracle®, and Linux environments.

Measurable benefits of the Entrust Datacard PKI solution

  • Trusted identity solution for transforming digital business models.
  • Trusted security leader providing unmatched technical support.
  • Flexible operational models.
  • Future proof and agile.
  • New opportunities for value creation.
  • Unlock greater value in core businesses.
  • Deploy foundational technologies and scalable ecosystems.
  • Enable and protect your digital ecosystems with trusted identity.

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