Juniper offers a wide range of Internet Security solutions. Juniper is probably best known for their Netscreen series which provides high-performance firewall & VPN security for large enterprises. The Netscreen series mainly consist of two platforms:

  • 2-slot Netscreen-5200
  • 4-slot Netscreen-5400

These two platforms integrate firewall, VPN, traffic management, DOS and DDos protection.

Juniper also offers a range of smaller solutions like to SSG series which is catering for smaller organisations, while offering high end Internet Security. Some of the more common SSG's are:

  • SSG20 (VPN platform with 160Mbps of firewall traffic)
  • SSG140 (VPN platform with 350Mbps of firewall traffic)

Depending on your needs and size of organisation, Juniper has a solution for you.

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