Identity Management Security Consulting Services

Our team of experienced engineers specialise in security through Identity Management Services. We offer design, implementation and support a range of different Identity Management tools and practices including:

PKI environments:

Our Engineers are experienced in the design, implementation and management of PKI infrastructure. We offer consultation from the architecture level through to documentation and training packages.

We can assist with Identity Management for users and systems from networked to mobile and portable devices via the use of digital certificates.

Accurate certificate management can save reputation and money via certificate expiration avoidance. We also have useful techniques and tools that help ensure an organisation’s "stock" of certificates are optimally used.


There is a growing requirement for secure and convenient authentication to corporate systems, often from mobile and portable devices. We can help customers to plan and implement Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) systems to take advantage of secure and transparent Single Sign On technology, to meet security and user convenience prerequisites. This includes the use of Smart Credentials, Out-of-Band Authentication (OOBA), and Hard and Soft Tokens.

Directory Tools and Services:

Single Sign On technology brings challenges that our Engineers are well placed to help solve. We work with organisations that have multiple directories to integrate them, and thus alleviate disparate directory data issues and simplify overall administration.

Audit Services:

SSS offers independent best practice audit services, reporting, and remediation services for Identity Management systems. It is often a good idea to commission an independent audit of your Identity Management system(s) prior to embarking on any major infrastructure upgrade or change.