Entrust has been at the forefront of the identity-based security market for nearly two decades. Their identity-based security solutions secure governments, enterprises and financial institutions in more than 5,000 organizations spanning 85 countries.Proven across the world, their award-winning software authentication platform manages today’s most secure identity credentials, solving customer challenges for cloud and mobile security, physical and logical access, citizen eID initiatives, certificate management and SSL.Entrust products include:

Entrust Identity Guard - Multi Factor Authentication

Entrust IdentityGuard leads the industry as one of the most robust authentication and identity-assurance platforms. It delivers an unmatched breadth of capabilities and flexibility to meet the most demanding security environments. Whether it's a smartcard or mobile smart credential for physical/logical access, or a unique grid card for strong authentication to a VPN, Entrust IdentityGuard is one of the most versatile authentication platforms available. It allows organisations to deploy the right authenticator to different user groups based on the amount of associated risk, access requirements, unique user needs and cost.

Entrust Managed PKI - Cloud BaseD PKI

Entrust IdentityGuard Cloud Services PKI establishes and manages certificate-based security across an organisation through a reliable, customisable and flexible hosted public key infrastructure (PKI).
Entrust’s cloud-based PKI service eliminates up-front capital investment and significantly reduces on-going operation cost associated with in-house PKI software, provides built-in maintenance capabilities and speeds deployment time.

Entrust Certificate Digital Certificate Discovery and Management

Entrust Discovery streamlines this process with a solution that finds, inventories and manages digital certificates across diverse systems to prevent outages, data breach and non-compliance.
Entrust provides key certificate discovery features to simplify deployment, reduce costs and automate management — for all types of digital certificates and from any vendor.

  • Web-based dashboard for quick access to key data

  • Extensive reporting capabilities

  • Comprehensive SSL scan identifies rogue or expired certificates

  • Automatic, multilevel email notifications

  • Flexible cloud/SaaS or in-house deployment options

  • Out-of the-box integration with the Entrust Certificate Management Service

  • Around-the-clock support available


Entrust SSL Certificates

Entrust digital certificates are the proven, cost-effective method for properly securing your organisation. Whether it's a basic SSL certificate, more advanced EV multi-domain SSL certificates, or specialty certificates for secure e-mail or Adobe PDFs, Entrust offers a comprehensive portfolio of today's most-used digital certificates. And all are supported by Entrust's world-class service.

Entrust GetAccess – Single Sign On

With Entrust GetAccess, centrally manage access to multiple applications through a single portal, providing users with single sign-on (SSO) to authorised applications and content.
Reduce administration costs and enable the delivery of more services through cost-effective Web portals. The solution offers the broadest support for user authentication methods, flexible roles and rules-based access control, self-service features, and proven performance to millions of users.