SSS Secure Community

Recently several of our NZ Government agency SecureIT customers asked us to help them exchange email securely with non-SEEMail participants i.e. their communities of interest. A specific example is the Ministry of Education wanting to exchange secure email with all schools in New Zealand. Other agencies have similarly associated communities that they wish to be able to exchange secure email with. Specifically they want gateway to gateway S/MIME email with easy key management. We have been able to leverage the experience we have with S/MIME email gateway technology, combined with the PKI and Identity Management skills in our recently formed Security Consulting division, to develop a centralised LDAP certificate store for storing / managing the public key of participating “community” organisations.

Phase 1 of SSS Secure Community enables existing NZ Government SEEMail participants (government agencies) to send and receive email securely within their communities of interest but also allows the wider groups to communicate securely (i.e. School to School using the example above).

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