Ascertia Docs

Ascertia Docs is the perfect alternative to the old paper-based approach of manually sending, printing, ink-signing and scanning paper documents. The key benefits that Ascertia Docs brings are:

  • Efficiency - Get documents signed off in minutes compared to the days spent in getting ink-signatures on paper.
  • Cost-effectiveness - Handling paper is notoriously expensive, we guarantee to lower these costs for you. See our free white paper on cost savings.
  • Security - Any changes after the document is signed are easily detected, e.g. changing existing content or adding new content. Who signed the document is clearly visible and can't be denied. Multiple people can sign the document as part of an approval workflow process.
  • Green - Environmental friendly compared to traditional paper production & paper transport processes.
  • Open - We use standards-based PKI digital signature techniques so, for example, our signatures can be verified by anyone using Adobe® Reader.
  • Cloud or in-house - We don't mandate a particular deployment model, the choice is yours. Ascertia Docs is a commercial off-the-shelf product and not a complex stitched-together service offering. is our cloud service based fully on our standard Ascertia Docs product.
  • Ease of use - Ascertia Docs is simple to use and users love our clean web interface. Alternatively using our API you can embed the Ascertia Docs functionality directly into your own web application, thus presenting a unified user experience.

Ascertia Docs can be used by any business, example documents include non-disclosure agreements, sales contracts, order forms, project documents, HR documents, engineering drawings or any other document which needs to have a person’s signature and approval indelibly recorded in a trustworthy and interoperable way.

With Ascertia Docs, organisations can meet enhanced security of data, better accountability, traceability and audit to ensure compliance with local legislation, regional directives and market expectations.

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