ReleaseIT® for MIMEsweeper for SMTP™ allows authorised users to release selected classes of e-mail stopped by MIMEsweeper for SMTP without assistance from IT staff.

ReleaseIT® gives you all the benefits of MIMEsweeper for SMTP but with:

  • Faster Decisions by empowering those with the judgement needed to make informed decisions about the suitability of selected content
  • Increased Privacy by delivering control to authorised message senders and recipients
  • Better Security by eliminating the need to authorise end users for direct access to quarantine areas and by avoiding the need to use IIS on the MIMEsweeper for SMTP server
  • Increased Accountability by providing comprehensive audit logging and message copy capabilities
  • Lower Administration Cost by simplifying content security policy, minimising policy maintenance, & simplifying multi machine deployment

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