Janusnet - Janusseal

Classifying information is the simplest and most valuable information security activity that an organisation can undertake. Strangely, and possibly because it is based on traditional (paper) methods, the technique is not as valued as it should be. Classifying emails, or classifying documents - it offers several immediate benefits:

  • It is easy to do
  • It is a concept that is intrinsically understood
  • It provides meaning and relevance to information
  • It constantly reaffirms the relevance of Information Security and raises security awareness
  • It invokes a simple (but effective) security culture

The Janusseal products from Janusnet ensure that every email and document is classified when sent/saved - each one has a "tag" your security systems can recognise.

The Janusseal products convert your existing systems into functional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions, delivering protection from accidental data loss, the major reason for incidents, at a fraction of the cost of other forms of DLP.

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