Netskope Cloud Risk Assessment - Free offer

The Netskope Cloud Risk Assessment (CRA) service is a free service and provides you with a basic snapshot in time.  This helps you to:

  • Identify and build awareness around your cloud usage.
  • Assess your risk based on apps, users, usage and data movement.
  • Understand your potential data exposure.
  • Provide you with a step by step mitigation roadmap.


Want to know if the Netskope Cloud Risk Assessment is right for you?

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What is a Cloud Risk Assessment?

A Cloud Risk Assessment is a detailed report of cloud application usage within your environment that could also include an analysis of data at rest within your cloud storage.

It requires minimal effort and poses no risk of disruption to your environment.

The Netskope CRA will help you understand your risk around the data that you are sharing and help you identify sensitive data.

If you are interested in CASB, then a CRA is a good starting point to help you get started.

What data will be needed to produce a CRA?

Netskope simply requires web browsing logs from you and these are typically available from an existing web proxy or firewall or may possibly be exported from a SIEM platform.  It will need to cover a few weeks of activity for them to produce a meaningful report.

Screenshot of log info

What will be done with your web browsing data?

Log files are uploaded to a secure and dedicated tenant instance in the Netskope cloud.  Netskope's Discovery solution performs the analysis of the data and populates the tenants with the results.

How are your CRA results presented?

You will receive a CRA PowerPoint presentation from the data in the dedicated tenant.  This will highlight interesting activities and relevant metrics related to your cloud application usages.  It will provide you with an overview of the risks associated with cloud applications used and provide guidance on how Netskope could help lower those risks.

sample powerpoint pages

download sample presentation3

Can you access your tenant to explore your data?

You are encouraged to explore your data using the Netskope user interface.  Netskope's real-time Analytics and Reporting tools can provide additional insight into your cloud application data. 

Ready to sign up?  It is absolutely free.

  • Contact SSS to register your interest in this free CRA service. If an NDA is required, let us know.
  • You can download the service overview document using the widget on the top right.
  • Netskope will create a dedicated tenant instance in the Netskope cloud for you and your service will be set up and ready to go. 

Click here to contact us about the Netskope CRA service