Business Continuity

SSS offers services and solutions to ensure that you can have peace of mind when it comes to recovering your systems and data in a disaster.

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Cloud Security and Enablement

SSS has products and expertise that will help you securely enable access to cloud-based applications, help prevent data loss, and gain insight into shadow IT.

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Cyber Defense (Intrusion Detection and Prevention)

Use our tools and services to detect potential intrusions, vulnerabilities and system activities and then have us help interpret these for you.

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Data Classification

In our experience, we have found that Data Classification is the simplest and most effective first step for protecting against data loss.

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Data Leakage Prevention

Loss of important data can be embarrassing and costly. Use our services and range of tools to minimise the risk of Data Loss from your organisation:

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Document Signing

Ascertia Docs is the perfect alternative to the old paper-based approach of manually sending, printing, ink-signing and scanning paper documents.

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Email Archiving / Migration

Email Archiving is increasingly important in the New Zealand context, now that international standards and best practices with respect to discovery, legal hold, and long-term retention are seen as necessary.

We have tools and services that assist you in migrating Email Archives from legacy solutions.

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Email Security

Email security is of high importance in today's age, SSS will help you to find a solution that fits your needs to make sure your email stays secure and free of unnecessary spam.

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Encryption / Data Security

SSS will help you to keep your data secure anywhere and anytime. Our range of encryption products include full-disk, file, folder, data in transit and cloud encryption.

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Endpoint and Mobile Security

SSS offers a range of Endpoint Security and Mobile Security products that will fit your needs. Comprehensive protection on site, or managed through the cloud. We have it all.

We are experienced in supporting organisations from small to very large with this.

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Identity Management

There is a growing requirement for secure and convenient authentication to corporate systems, often from mobile and portable devices.

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Perimeter Security (Firewalls / UTMs)

Let us help you with your perimeter security with our proven technologies and expert staff

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Privileged Account Management

Privileged accounts represent the largest security vulnerability an organization faces today - find out about our tools that will help protect your organisation

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Public Key Infrastructure and Key Management

SSS has a specialist team experienced with implementing and supporting Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and associated products.

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Security Training

SSS have a number of effective IT Security and awareness training and monitoring solutions available to help train your users.

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Web Security

SSS can assist you with the supply, support and management of a web filtering solution that is tailored to your requirements.

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