SSL / TLS Certificates

SSL/TLS certificates are an essential component of the data encryption process that make internet transactions secure. They are digital passports that provide authentication to protect the confidentiality and integrity of website communication with browsers.

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Organisational Validated (OV) SSL / TLS

  • OV certificates provide high assurance and verified site identity. Extensive validation checks are performed before certificates are issued.

  • OV are considered best practice for securing website transactions and are backed by rigorous verification practices and checks. This certificate type proves website authenticity, assuring visitors that you are serious about the protection of their information.

Extended Validated (EV) SSL / TLS

  • EV certificates provide the highest assurance online, backed by the strongest level of verified identity which adds additional layers of security to your site.

  • EV is used by major anti-phishing services to determine safe websites, and is treated as more trustworthy by browser filters.

  • Organisations that implement EV are well positioned for forthcoming regulations in the EU that put identity at the forefront of digital security.

  • EV certificates are the most trusted and secure SSL/TLS solution that is actively used by the world's leading online businesses. The most extensive validation method is used to verify the sites identity providing high assurance as well as data encryption for your organisation's networks, websites and domains.