Certificate Lifecycle Management

Managing digital certificates can be difficult and missing a certificate renewal is a frequent occurrence with sometimes serious implications.

There can be a large overhead associated with managing certificates and often staff use ineffective methods such as spreadsheets or don't do anything again.

Certificate expiries can have a serious financial and business continuity impact on your organisation.

We have effective solutions to help you streamline your certificate processes and in many cases automate these. We can help to remove the overhead associated with renewals, notifications, DevOps issuance, rogue certificates, and certificate owners).

We are experts in helping organisations with transformation and agile / devops through to automation of certificate deployment and renewal.

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We are the outsourced Venafi Professional Services provider in Australia and New Zealand

We have deployed and integrated the solution in financial services in both Australia and New Zealand.

Outside of Venafi, SSS has the most certified and experienced staff to help you with planning, design, implementation, and configuration of your certificate management solutions.

Certificate Discovery Service

Run a discovery scan across your environment to get a true view of what certificates you have and where they are.

Venafi TrustAuthority

Get the global visibility and intelligence you need to determine which machine identities should be trusted, and fix or block those that should not.

Discover and protect all keys and certificates that act as machine identities across internal and external infrastructure, the internet and virtual, cloud and IoT infrastructure.

Visibility - Locate all your certificates and see where they are installed

  • Create an accurate inventory of all TLS certificates
  • Scan local systems to retrieve internal certificates
  • Automatically connect to any CA to import certificates

Scalability - Scale enrolment to support all business units

  • Quickly issue new certificates
  • Automate provisioning within popular DevOps frameworks
  • Automate certificate requests and renewals

Compliance - create strong certificates that comply with security policies

  • Enforce enterprise-wide key and certificate security policies
  • Structure policies based on flexible attributes
  • Integrate with third-party workflow systems

Proactive - Continuously monitor all certificates for security and availability

  • Schedule regular scans to detect anomalous use
  • Coordinate alerts for impending certificate expirations
  • Automate notifications of rogue keys or certificates
  • Validate proper certificate installation and configuration

Venafi TrustForce

Automating machine identity protection helps to ensure the security and protection of your key and certificate inventories by orchestrating rapid, corrective actions at machine speed and scale.

Automation - Orchestrate your PKI infrastructure

  • Automate the replacement of expiring certificates to eliminate outages
  • Manage certificate life cycles across multiple certificate authorities
  • Automatically find, revoke, and validate compromised certificates
  • Orchestrate provisioning for encryption-dependent applications

Policy - Enforce governance to streamline compliance

  • Define automated workflows, provisioning, and change management controls
  • Apply pre-defined security policies for continual validation
  • Calibrate rule-based access controls to allow or block access
  • Authenticate only policy-compliance machine identities

Remediation - Automate remediation and validation at machine speed

  • Quickly respond to CA compromise or inadvertent error
  • Seamlessly change, remove, replace, or consolidated certificate authorities
  • Verify that all remediation actions comply with security policies