SSS Classroom Security Awareness Training

Educating your staff about the threats to your confidential data is the cheapest and most cost effective investment you can make toward cyber security.

Your users represent your biggest risk in terms of cyber security.

  • They don't have a good understanding of the threats that exist or how to protect themselves and your organisation from these threats.
  • They think that 'this stuff only happens overseas'.
  • They don't understand why the bad guy wants access to data.
  • They expect 'IT' have got everything covered.
  • They have no idea of the important role they play as a crucial line of defence.

"The cybersecurity sessions were well attended and the staff got a lot out of Gavin's non-technical approach and real world examples. Many were taking a lot of notes and forming good strategies on how to protect themselves online. I received many thank-you's from staff for taking the time to organise these sessions." - Peter Darlington, IS Manager, Tasman District Council 

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SSS Awareness Training tailored message suitable all staff

What do you get?

An onsite non-technical two-way discussion using real life examples that addresses these challenges. We allow two hours for these sessions, enabling audience participation and discussion providing further value.

  • Each session is targeted to all users of technology within your organisation from shop floor and admin through to executives.
  • We will provide your attendees with the understanding and skills that will help protect them (and you) from cyber threats.
  • Through these sessions you will immediately improve your security posture.

We tailor the session to include any key messages that your security staff wish to be conveyed.

What will your staff learn?

  • The consequence of a cyber-related incident to you and your staff.
  • What the internet actually is.
  • How data remains on the internet even when you try to remove it.
  • Who the bad guys are and why they want to compromise you.
  • How they trick your staff in helping gain entry.
  • Some simple tips staff can use to protect you at work and themselves at home.

Next steps

If you want to know more you can contact us on or 04-917-6670.

If you are ready to book, simply decide how many presentations you need and book them in. We can run up to three presentations in a day so you don't have to close down the entire office.