Phriendly Phishing Awareness Training and Simulation

  • Simulated and journey-based phishing awareness training
  • Phriendly Phishing is largely automated - requires very little ongoing management from your IT team
  • Change employee behaviour
  • Keep security top of mind

* Effective * Measurable * User Friendly *

Phriendly Phishing is a phishing awareness and simulation program developed by certified professionals at Shearwater Solutions. Through their ongoing research, developers ensure that the training remains current with phishing threats and techniques.

With Phriendly Phishing you can:

  • Monitor your phishing risk
  • Track improvement
  • Measure and report on performance
  • Reduce employee clicks on malicious links

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Client Testimonial:

"Shearwater Solutions provided us with an excellent portal with a lot of automated interfaces and reporting modules which we felt were fundamental to allowing us to continue to effectively manage awareness and positive behavioural change across the business" - Liz Schoff, Security Consultant at healthAlliance. Read the healthAlliance case study here.

How Phriendly Phishing works - At a Glance


Start with a simulated phishing campaign to determine your organisation's overall phishing risk, and to establish a baseline for future measurement.


Train your staff to identify phishing threats and develop their phishing detection skills. Users start at the beginner level and work their way up. Training is user-friendly and geared at all skill and knowledge levels.


Nurture your staff's skills with simulated phishing campaigns. Control the difficulty and timing of each campaign to align with staff progress. Training can be reinforced at any stage if needed.

Key Features 

  • Works on any device
  • Cloud-based
  • Scalable solution
  • Managed service
  • User friendly

healthAlliance case study

About Phriendly Phishing

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Phriendly Phishing, part of the CyberCX group, is an Australian-based company which provides security awareness and simulation training solutions. Read more about Phriendly Phishing