Sophos XG Firewall

The Sophos XG Firewall provides effective visibility, protection, all from a simple to use console allowing you to quickly respond to threats and gain visibility.

  • Expose hidden risks
  • Block unknown threats
  • Automatically respond to incidents

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Sophos XG Firewall Xtream

  • SSL Inspection - XG Firewall removes the blind spots caused by encrypted traffic by allowing you to use SSL inspection whilst maintaining performance efficiency.
  • DPI Engine - XG Firewall provides robust deep packet threat protection in a single streaming engine for AV, IPS, Web, App Control, and SSL inspection.
  • Network Flow FastPath - XG Firewall includes automatic and policy-based intelligent offloading for trusted traffic processing at wire speed.

Sophos Central

The Sophos cloud management platform provides a single pane of glass to not only manage your firewalls, but also your full portfolio of Sophos security solutions.

Simply manage multiple firewalls

  • Manage all your XG Firewalls and other Sophos products from a single console.
  • Configure changes and apply them to a group of firewalls or manage each firewall individually.
  • Create a backup schedule and store up to 5 backups in the cloud.

Firewall reporting in the cloud

  • Increase your visibility into network activity through analytics.
  • Analyse data to identify security gaps, suspicious user behaviour, or other events requiring policy changes.
  • Use the pre-defined modules or customise each report for specific use cases.

Protection Modules

You can choose from several modules to customise the protection offered by your firewall.

Network Protection

  • Next-gen intrusion prevention system
  • Security heartbeat
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Advanced VPN technologies

Web Protection

  • Powerful user and group web policy
  • Application control and QoS
  • Advanced web threat protection
  • High performance traffic scanning

Email Protection

  • Integrated message transfer agent
  • Live anti-spam
  • Self-serve quarantine
  • SPX email encryption
  • Data loss prevention

Web Server Protection

  • Business application policy templates
  • Protection from the latest hacks and attacks
  • Reverse proxy

Synchronised Security

XG Firewall uses Synchronised Security to automatically identify, classify, and control all unknown applications easily blocking the apps you don't want and prioritising the ones you do.

  • Security Heartbeat™ - shares telemetry and health status between Sophos endpoints and your firewall, and integrates endpoint health into firewall rules to control access and isolate compromised systems.
  • Synchronised Application Control - automatically identifies, classifies, and controls encrypted, custom, evasive, and generic HTTP or HTTPS applications.
  • Lateral Movement Protection - automatically isolates compromised systems at every point in the network to stop attacks dead in their tracks.
  • Synchronised User ID - eliminates the need for client or server authentication agents by sharing user identity between the endpoint and the firewall through Security Heartbeat™.

Sandstorm Protection

Sandstorm Protection is available as an add on subscription and is also included in the "Plus" Bundles.

Sandstorm Protection combine AI-driven static and dynamic file analysis techniques to bring threat intelligence to your firewall and effectively identify and block ransomware, known, and unknown threats.

  • Powered by SophosLabs - provides deep learning based file analysis, detailed analysis reporting, and a threat meter to show the risk summary for a file.
  • Static File Analysis - quickly identify threats without the need to execute the files in real time.
  • Dynamic File Analysis - execute a file in a secure cloud-based sandbox to observe its behaviour and intent.
  • Threat Intelligence Analysis Reporting - full insight into the nature and capabilities of a threat are delivered through the use of data science and SophosLabs research.

Click here to download the Sophos XG Firewall datasheet.

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