Tripwire is a trusted leader for asset discovery, secure configuration management, vulnerability management and log management.

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Tripwire® ExpertOps

File integrity monitoring and security configuration management as a service.

  • Managed service from Tripwire.
  • Public cloud infrastructure for lower total cost of ownership.
  • Leverage Tripwire's deep expertise.
  • Gain 24/7 visibility into security risks and compliance issues.
  • Reduce costs and improve ROI.

Tripwire® Enterprise

Detect threats, control changes, and prove compliance with Tripwire Enterprise.

  • Take advantage of 1500 platform / policy combinations - the most in the industry.
  • Detect changes in real-time.
  • Distinguish cyber threats from business-as-usual changes.
  • Assess the immediate impact of changes on your compliance statusFix problems using remediation advice.
  • Capture detailed change data including who, what, when, and how.
  • Fix problems using remediation advice.
  • Harden systems using industry best-practices and frameworks.
  • Integrate with change management systems to reconcile detected changes.
  • Exchange data with other systems to build a wholistic security picture.

Tripwire® IP360

Discover assets, identify vulnerabilities, and prioritise risks.

  • Maintain an accurate inventory of all hardware and software on your network.
  • Stay up-to-date on your total vulnerability exposure.
  • Use a customised scoring system to prioritise the most urgent fixes.
  • Integrate with Tripwire Enterprise and Configuration Compliance Manager.
  • Scale to the largest-sized networks.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your VM-related processes.

Additional cyber security tools from Tripwire

Tripwire® File Integrity Manager

  • It collects highly detailed change data in real time.
  • It adds change intelligence and automated remediation, then integrates this data with the other critical security controls found in Tripwire's integrated solutions.

Tripwire® Log Center®

  • Supports a variety of data collection methods, including agent-based collecting using the Tripwire Axon® agent, and agentless collection via syslog, SNMP, WMI, file collectors, and remote connectors for Cisco, Check Point, and databases.
  • Normalises the log data it collects to make it accessible and useful with its product capabilities of indexing, search, and correlation.
  • Supports normalisation rules for the wide array of products.

Tripwire® Connect

  • Visualise your security and risk trends across your enterprise - whether it is the entire organisation, or within business units or single departments.
  • Actionable and tailored reporting that allows you to implement processes and remediations to reduce the overall risk profile of your organisation, assure system integrity, and deliver continuous compliance.
  • Tripwire Connect provides a centralised view into your security configuration, file integrity, and vulnerability management data at a glance so that it can be analysed to provide an enterprise-wide, holistic view of your cyber security posture.
  • Tripwire Connect allows you to scale as you grow, and deploy as you need. Tripwire Connect can aggregate data from over 100,000 nodes. Data can be consolidated from multiple Tripwire Enterprise consoles and Tripwire IP360 VnEs.

Tripwire® for DevOps

  • Tripwire® for DevOps is a comprehensive security SaaS solution that runs both static and dynamic analysis on container images for vulnerabilities in a sandbox.
  • DevOps teams can be equipped with a complete security assessment of new application builds as they move through the continuous integration and continuous delivery toolchain from development to production.

Tripwire® Industrial Visibility

  • Tripwire® Industrial Visibility provides ICS operators with total clarity into the devices and activity on their network.
  • It uses deep packet inspection, change management, event logging, and threat detection to help you keep your most sensitive assets out of the reach of intruders.
  • It protects against unwanted change in your OT environment, using passive scanning and detection.
  • Continuous threat monitoring and advanced logging intelligence that gives you deep, granular ICS visibility.

Tripwire® Apps

You are able to implement additional tools to leverage the deep security and compliance data collected by Tripwire Enterprise to provide you with richer insights across your organisation.