Privileged Account Management

Privileged accounts represent the largest security vulnerability an organisation faces today.

In the hands of an external attacker or malicious insider, privileged accounts allow attackers to take full control of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, disable security controls, steal confidential information, commit financial fraud, and disrupt operations.

Stolen, abused, or misused privileged credentials are used in nearly all breaches. With this growing threat, organisations need controls put in place to proactively protect against, detect, and respond to in-progress cyber-attacks before they strike vital systems and compromise sensitive data.

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  • Thycotic Privileged Access Management

    Global analysts estimate that at least 80% of data breaches have a connection to compromised privileged credentials, such as passwords, tokens, keys, and certificates.

    Global analysts estimate that at least 80% of data breaches have a connection to compromised privileged credentials, such as passwords, tokens, keys, and certificates.

    Contact us on 04 917 6670 or if you would like to know more about Thycotic and how they can help you.

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    Secure your passwords, protect your endpoints and control access to your systems

    Privileged account passwords for domain admin accounts, root accounts, superuser accounts, and more, are the preferred targets for hackers these days. Why? Because it gives them unrestricted access your sensitive and critical information.

    Privileged management contains the concept of managing credentials for privileged accounts, services, systems, and applications. The goal is to reduce risk by identifying, securely storing, and centrally managing every credential that provides elevated access.

    The increased complexity of today’s IT systems means privileged credentials are needed for different privileged account types , operating systems, directory services, databases, applications, cloud instances, networking hardware, and internet of things (IoT).

    SSS provides the only enterprise-grade PAM solution available both in the cloud and on-premise.

    Our solution allows you to discover, manage, provision, and delegate access to all privileged accounts from a central dashboard.

    • Discover privileged accounts, vault credentials, govern service accounts, delegate access, monitor and record sessions with the Secret Server module.

    • Enable least privilege management, threat intelligence, and application whitelisting, greylisting, and blacklisting with the Privilege Manager module.

    • Enable authentication, authorisation, auditing for access to IaaS, SaaS apps, and databases with the Cloud Access Controller module.

    • Manage service accounts that access services, applications, data, and network resources. and mitigate the risk of breaches, service interruptions and human error with the Account Lifecycle Manager module.

    • Replace risky password practices with a Cloud password vault that operates at DevOps speed and scale.

    About Thycotic

    Thycotic empowers more than 10,000 organisations world-wide to protect their privileged accounts. They make enterprise-level privilege management accessible for everyone by eliminating dependency on complex security tools and prioritising productivity, flexibility and control. They pride themselves on their ability to provide you with an affordable and easy-to-use, yet powerful Privileged Access Management solution to help you protect what matters most! Read more about Thycotic.

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