Ascertia eSecurity Solutions

Ascertia is a global leader in delivering functionally rich, easy-to-deploy e-Security solutions. The company focuses on:

  • Digital signature creation
  • Verification
  • Time-stamping
  • Secure archiving products
  • eID validation

These key functions deliver the essential trust services needed by governments, financial, healthcare and other organisations to conduct electronic business.

Ascertia offers world-class products. Their focus is delivering PKI infrastructure trust services and making it easy to digitally sign business documents and data.

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Ascertia offers key solutions to help with all your e-Trust needs

Remote (Cloud) Signing

A cloud signing solution that lets you digitally sign documents without the need for locally installed digital signatures by relying on the services of a cloud-hosted signing service. Ascertia offers you a choice of either a simple signing / verification solution or a complete document workflow solution.

Bulk Document Signing

ADSS Auto File Processor (AFP) is a flexible front-end application and offers the following benefits:

  • Handles multiple watched folders
  • Sophisticated filtering
  • Supports multiple digital signature formats

Mobile Signing

Signing from mobile devices is increasingly popular as it provides both convenience and efficiency for the signer. Ascertia has a number of solutions to help meet your mobile signing needs.

E-Document Approval and Workflow

With the E-Document Approval and Workflow solution you can identify and specify who needs to approve your documents and in which order. Ascertia can help you streamline your electronic document approval process regardless of whether you already have a Document Management System or not.

Automated Bulk Invoice Signing

There are a number of benefits of e-invoicing / e-billing and e-statements, some of which include:

  • Up to 80% cheaper
  • Immediate delivery
  • Document can be emailed or downloaded and noted as read
  • Signed receipts can be provided
  • Integrated workflow
  • Green alternative with a positive impact on the environment

Tendering and Submission Signing

To ensure authenticity and trust of your electronic procurement documents, it is important to digitally sign documents before they are sent externally. Ascertia offers an effective digital signing solution to help manage your electronic procurement process.

eNotarisation and Archiving

To be compliant you are expected to archive important business documents for varying amounts of times. Ascertia provides solutions to help you meet your e-Notarisation and long-term archiving needs. Using signatures and timestamps, documents can be shown to meet compliance.

Signature Verification

e-Signatures can be complex. There are many different signatures and document formats, multiple ways of applying counter-signatures, determining whether the signer was authorised to sign, historical verification of signatures and so on. Ascertia makes your signature verification process simple.