Passwords were designed for a different time and with the explosion of on-premise and cloud applications has a limited usefulness. More and more the user is being targeted to harvest authentication credentials as a means of compromising an organisations security.

Whether its employees, partners, consumers or citizens, you want to provide frictionless digital experiences.

SSS provides a multi-factor authentication solution that can serve as an organisation's single, enterprise, comprehensive software-based authentication platform, providing the same secure user experience for consumers, citizens, or internal employees.

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  • Multifactor Authentication

    We have partnered with Entrust Datacard to offer you effective multi-factor authentication solutions.

    We have partnered with Entrust Datacard to offer you effective multi-factor authentication solutions.

    • Modern, mobile authentication capabilities to protect your business
    • Transparent authentication for a better user experience
    • Support for multiple use cases
    • Digital certificates for stronger assurance
    • An extensive list of integrations that provide secure connectivity

    Move beyond the pain and risk of passwords.

    • Passwords can no longer be trusted to protect your business. Not only are they easy to compromise, but the manner in which people manage them makes them more vulnerable. Our solutions allow you to move beyond passwords to a more secure approach that fits with the way people prefer to work.

    Invest wisely, invest once.

    • Our authentication platform provides a single management solution for issuing, provisioning, managing and authenticating the digital identities of users and devices — across a broad range of use cases. While you may only have one need today, our solution can grow with you as those needs change.

    Streamline access for authorised users.

    • Mobile-enabled authentication allows users to access networks and buildings, collaborate with peers and communicate securely — using the devices they carry today. Our solution offers strong security and ensures high accessibility for authorised users.

    Reduce IT costs and complexity.

    • Leveraging mobile eliminates the need to purchase dedicated and often costly hardware tokens, and it simplifies user provisioning and management as users already know how to download and update mobile applications. The broad range of Entrust Datacard self-service features makes enrollment and activation easy.

    Want to know more?

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    Establish Trust

    Streamline the onboarding of a wide range of users and devices with a wide range of technologies available in our platform and includes:

    • Mobile ID Proofing for e-KYC using the cloud-based solution provides verification for global identification documents and identities in a single digital platform. You can provide digital onboarding for consumers, citizens or internal employees off the same enterprise platform.

    • Device Reputation using a rules engine that lets you decide when specific activities require step-up authentication and if the device poses a security risk.

    • Credential Issuance by supporting a breadth of identity credentials and provide credentials that are tailored to user requirements and preferences. The SSS solution offering allows you to issue credentials that utilise mobile devices, mobile push authentications, one-time passwords (OTPs) or smart credentials secured by PKI. The solution also includes providing grid card and SMS/email OTPs for authentication to maximum cost efficiency.

    Enable Access and Transactions 

    Ensure strong security and exceptional user experiences by enabling:

    • Mobile authentication: Reduce any unnecessary friction caused by overly complicated, outdated user authentication methods. Entrust Datacard mobile authentication provides a secure, transparent user experience with flexible deployment options

    • Adaptive authentication: Traditional authentication often results in a poor UX and suboptimal productivity. Adaptive authentication solves this by assessing contextual attributes—such as biometrics, geo-location and device reputation in real time - and a decision is made to either grant access or challenge it.

    • Passwordless login: The Entrust Datacard passwordless solution creates a secure digital identity on the employee’s mobile phone using a PKI credential that is unlocked with biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, or with a PIN. The solution ensures that the credential holder is, in fact, the credential owner, protecting workers’ digital identities.

    • Single sign-on: Cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and Box have disrupted business practices and changed user behaviours and expectations. Our SSO offering streamlines user access to on premise and cloud apps, VPN access and workstation login with one secure credential. It also gives you control to establish your own authentication policies, rather than relying on individual SaaS provider approaches.

    • Transaction verification: The process to balance consumer expectations for fast, friendly online and mobile transactions and the need to protect customers from fraud can be a difficult task. With Entrust Datacard’s flexible, cost-effective authentication solutions, you can offer digital banking and drive brand loyalty, while preventing fraud and staying compliant with regulations.

    • Authenticator options: Not every consumer, citizen or employee is the same. It’s important to have choices when it comes to authentication methods. A variety of factors will determine which option works best for each use case. Variables include what kind of assets are being accessed, the types of device being used and the types of user groups across your enterprise, including your workforce and external users. The solution provided by SSS includes Transparent authentication, physical form factors and non-physical form factors.

    Maintain Trust

    Continuously protect against advanced threats with technology ranging from behaviour analytics to fraud detection.

    We build our fraud detection solutions around three key steps: detect, defend and evolve. All three are critical, because simply knowing if you’ve been breached isn’t enough — and simply reacting to intrusions after the fact isn’t a winning strategy either.

    • Detect: Robust detection of fraud is a vital first step in building a comprehensive solution. The solution provided by SSS provides real-time monitoring, automatic fraud detection, adaptive authentication features built on behavioural biometrics and non-invasive, user-notification methods.

    • Defend: The need to be proactive and establish strong protection for prime targets for intrusion cannot be underestimated. The most common target is compromised employee credentials. Our solutions offer strong defence — including digital certificates, mobile device certificates and device reputation to identify when step-up authentication is necessary to mitigate an elevated risk scenario.

    • Evolve: The threats we faced yesterday — even today — will be replaced with increasingly more sophisticated attacks tomorrow. Hackers are always working to outflank security technology. Our solution integrates a variety of adaptive technologies to anticipate and defeat those increasingly sophisticated attacks.

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