All SSS NZ SecureIT clients now running at SEEMail V3.1

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  • Jul 18, 2016

SSS has recently completed upgrading all its New Zealand government clients using SecureIT for SEEMail to the latest version and they are all now running at SEEMail V3.1.

Due to the large number of clients we have using SecureIT for SEEMail in New Zealand, this has been a large programme of work for us, and we are pleased to say that all the hard work we put in has meant that the transition for our clients has been relatively smooth and painless.

We’ve even managed to migrate a few extra clients across and have them running at SEEMail V3.1 as well in the timeframe (they had been using competitor SEEMail gateway technology).

SSS has been supporting SEEMail from its inception more than a decade ago. We think secure email for government based on the tried and tested S/MIME standard, with modern encryption standards and digital signatures is still the best form of email security available.

The SSS SecureIT SEEMail V3.1 certified gateway solution has several key benefits

  1. A proven leader in SEEMail – more than half of all New Zealand government SEEMail end users use SSS SecureIT technology
  2. Easiest solution to administer – especially with SecureIT’s automated SMARTs testing
  3. Extensible – you can add other SSS IT modules to further enhance email security and usability – such as RecallIT – the email delay gateway, & StripIT for removing active content from attachments (APT protection).
  4. Proven for very high volume, and multi-tenant deployments. Out-of-the-box our SecureIT gateways for SEEMail support highly available, multi-tenant deployments, and each SecureIT gateway instance can support in excess of 1 million emails per day throughput.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about SecureIT for SEEMail, or RecallIT or StripIT.