Threat Disruption

The Challenge

The cyber landscape is constantly evolving, and even with significant investments made to cyber security initiatives, your organisation can face obstacles to achieving the level of cyber resilience it needs to detect and respond to cyber threats in a timely manner.

To respond effectively, your security team needs to have the time and resources to not only understand emerging global cybersecurity threats but also act promptly on the intelligence they receive by identifying where to action urgent blocks or update threat intelligence watchlists. All these activities assist in securing your networks to prevent a potential breach and are vital to strengthening your defense, but we’re also aware of how time-consuming and repetitive this task can be. This is why our analysts have worked hard behind the scenes to create our Threat Disruption service, which automates this process for you.

Threat Disruption Solution

SSS Threat Disruption is an essential weapon that provides your organisation with the ability to proactively defend against threats in real-time to protect your organisation.

Combined with powerful automation, orchestration and immediate response, the SSS Threat Disruption Service provides you with access to high quality, trusted and real-time threat intelligence which is added to your existing security tools and capabilities to enhance your defence and to keep your organisation protected and secure.

Threat Disruption Benefits

  • Data feeds provide high quality and reliable identification of threats.
  • Significantly reduces the mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR)
  • Custom integrations with over 200 leading technology suppliers to support the disrupting threats across your environment.

  • Automated reporting and statistics that show the threats you have detected and disrupted.
  • 24/7/365 automated updates and delivery of new indicators of compromise in real-time
  • Rule-based disruption ensures you are in control.

Threat Disruption - Defending Against Threats in Real-Time

Threat Disruption - Defending Against Threats in Real-Time

Security through effective partnerships

We are proud to be a full partner of the Malware Free Networks (MFN) service from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) a division of the New Zealand Government. This partnership will let our clients leverage the advanced threat intelligence feeds from the NCSC that can help New Zealand businesses protect themselves.

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