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The Challenge

Security incident management is complex, and requires capabilities that a lot of organisations don’t have. The rate of change and the demand for efficiency is a significant strain on IT resources. This complexity makes it easy to overlook the people and process sides of security.

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more prevalent and increasingly complex. There is a significant gap in the time between a breach and detection, and between detection and remediation. Traditional security programs rely on investments in staff numbers and expensive tech, which puts effective incident management out of reach for a lot of organisations.


The first step towards more effective security operations is consistent, evidence-based decision-making. Consistency makes results predictable and traceable, and most importantly, consistency can be automated.

Automating repetitive, monotonous work reduces the risk of staff burnout and allows you to start getting ahead instead of just getting by.

Security Threat Automation Response Service (STARS) is a SSS-hosted SOAR platform for security incident handling and automation service which is consumable monthly with no minimum commitment. The service includes access to the security incident management portal, predefined workflows for common use cases, and integrations with a wide range of third-party tools.


  • Reduce load on analysts by automating repetitive tasks
  • Implement consistent processes
  • Categorise and close false positive alarms based on client-specific business logic
  • Customise levels of automation to fit business maturity and requirements
  • Every response action is tracked and audited

  • Can utilise existing technology investments, no need to rip and replace
  • Modular and scalable, pay as you grow
  • Customisable dashboards provide relevant insights
  • Enables an organisational change from being reactive to proactive

Service Features

STARS provides automated incident triage and remediation using condition-based workflows designed to suit your organisation.

  • Automated threat investigation and triage
  • Best of breed Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform
  • Real-time metrics from across the platform, including return on investment (ROI) across automated activities
  • Collaboration platform to manage multiple platforms and teams
  • Customisable automation thresholds
  • Workflows designed around client-specific business processes

Security Orchestration, Automation & Response


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