Managed Detection
& Response Services

The Challenge

Businesses today face many operational and governance challenges in addressing the risks posed by cyber actors in the day-to-day operations of their business. Security is complex with many moving parts which makes the detection, response, and remediation of cybersecurity threats even harder. Complexity, the constantly changing technology landscape and the impact of a hard to find and retain security staff make a bad situation worse.


As experts across all areas of cybersecurity, SSS understands the need to be flexible and adapt quickly to the evolving threat landscape.

SSS provides a full managed Software as a Service platform to support the detection of threats and abnormalities for on-premise or cloud platforms.  The use of network-based intrusion detection together with a set of incident response and remediation services helps remediate what is found in your environment.

The service is implemented in hours,  not weeks, and provides rapid discovery and cataloging of your users, computer assets, systems, and any vulnerabilities that might exist within your business.


Manages SIEM, Detection & Response

Manages SIEM, Detection & Response


  • Assist with the installation and configuration of the service in your environment.
  • Work with you to onboard logs and gain good visibility across the environment.
  • Help define the alerting and incident response activities and playbooks with your team.
  • Help establish how the service can support your incident response plan.
  • Define the automation and alerting to support your teams using the service.

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