Advanced Phishing
Triage Service

The Challenge

Phishing attacks are one of today’s most important data security challenges. The most effective defence against phishing attacks combines user awareness training and ongoing assessment of e-mails received by your organisation. The cost to analyse suspicious e-mails and communicate the potential impacts of phishing attacks can be very high.


APTS is an advanced phishing triage service that combines the power of automation with insights from real-time threat intelligence. Users can submit suspicious e-mail samples for automated analysis with the click of a button. Using industry-leading platforms and best practice playbooks.  APTS is able to automatically analyse the submissions, and respond to the submitter with the e-mails classification and advice on what to do next.

E-mail samples are analysed against comprehensive threat intelligence sources. This data allows APTS to classify the threat, and provides evidence and guidance to help fix the problem. This information is sent to your incident management team in an incident report, which includes details of who submitted the sample, indicators of compromise found in the sample, and instructions on next steps.

The service can also reduce the costs and impacts from your service desk and security teams by automatically deleting malicious e-mail based on your policies.

APTS Benefits

  • Free trial
  • Reduce load on service desks and IT staff
  • Rapid onboarding (Foundation service up and running in hours)
  • Platform agnostic (samples can be submitted from any mail service)

  • Mail client add-on available for ease of use and user interaction
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Improve user awareness and engagement
  • Monthly pricing with no ongoing commitments

Automated Phishing Triage Service

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