Secure File Sharing

The Challenge

Using tools like personal email, online file sharing, and USBs are convenient ways to distribute information, but they can bring unacceptable risks to your organisation and mean that you may lose visibility and control of your data.

  •  Corporate email doesn’t always guarantee encryption and is restricted by size.
  •  Files can contain malicious content including active code and bad URLs.

 In addition to security threats, traditional file sharing technologies don’t provide an easy way to collaborate.


Our solutions enable secure file sharing and collaboration.

Our tools provide you with:

  • Visibility and control to monitor and restrict access to those who are meant to receive your information.
  • Enablement of collaboration between your organisation, it’s customers and partners in a safe way.
  • Safe communities for trusted email communications.
  • Removal of potentially harmful content from files.


  • Reduce risk and cost by leveraging a common, and collaborative, secure file sharing platform with a single set of controls, governance policies, user management, and data source connectivity.
  • Deactivate potentially malicious macros and active code identified in files through an API to your webpage, email system or other repositories files are received.

  • Implement transparent and easy-to-use encryption and signatures for email communities, providing confidentiality and non-repudiation.


With the secure managed file transfer solution, we can help you reduce your risk and empower your employees to work safely with third parties across a variety of secure channels. The solution can help you safely manage your file transfer requirements with a single set of controls, governance policies, user management, and data source connectivity.

  • Lock down access with tight security to prevent file sharing leaks, breaches, and malicious attacks.
  • Protect sensitive information and increase productivity
  • Allow for easy and secure online collaboration
  • Keep your stakeholders informed with the highest security
  • Have full visibility and auditability of all file activity

SEEMail is used by the public sector to secure email traffic between participating New Zealand public sector agencies.

We worked with the Government many years ago to establish SEEMail as a common capability across Government and we remain an approved SEEMail gateway supplier. We have a SEEmail approved gateway that supports the SEEMail techspec and integration with the SEEMail PKI and central infrastructure.

We can help you with transparent and easy-to-use policy-based S/MIME signing and encryption of your email at the gateway.

  • Your message content remains confidential during transmission over the public network.
  • Recipients can be certain about the authenticity and integrity of the messages they receive.

We can help you solve:

  • exposure to content threats
  • orphaned data that can’t be decrypted
  • unauthorised transfer of confidential information
  • the complexity of managing and synchronising all the public and private keys necessary to run the process.

Our SEEMail gateway is available on-premise or as a service.

Document-based macros and other active code could be a security risk. Macros are often used by people with malicious intent to quietly install malware onto the user’s device or your network. CERT NZ reports that a common tactic they see include phishing emails with macro-supported files such as overdue invoices. Once enabled, the macros are run and able to download and execute ransomware.

We offer a file sanitation solution that will provide you with a higher level of control, allows you to identify macros and active code in PDFs, OpenOffice and Microsoft Office files, and then to optionally strip these out of documents before they are delivered to the intended recipients.

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