Data Loss Prevention

The Challenge

In New Zealand we need to lift our game when it comes to properly managing confidential information. It is not just large government agencies that have to worry about this – it’s across the board: health professionals, lawyers, educational institutions, and other businesses.

Retaining Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other types of confidential information puts your organisation at risk, and you must comply with specific regulations.

Bad actors want to gain access to your sensitive information.

Understanding what sensitive data you have, where its stored and where it is going can be a real challenge.


We have over 20 years’ experience in helping clients protect their data.

We provide effective complementary solutions across our complete solution-offering to help you reduce the risk of data loss.

The first step of data loss protection is understanding what sensitive data you have and where it’s stored.  Once you understand that, we recommend classifying that data and putting the appropriate controls in place to control where it can go.

We have a range of solutions for classifying your data and restricting where it can go.

We also have a solution to give users a second change to retrieve email that was sent by mistake.

Enabling your staff with tools to classify files and email really helps with visibility and control. It also promotes a better security culture and means your staff will give more thought to what data they are dealing with and where it should go.


  • Prevent data breaches through classifying and restricting where your data can be sent.

  • Give users a second chance to recall email sent in error.


Information loss resulting from accidental actions of people make up one of the most common reasons for data loss. A simple and cost-effective solution is to implement data classification as part of your security initiatives. Many government agencies now require data to be appropriately classified. Data classification isn’t just useful for government agencies, but for any organisation dealing with personal, confidential, and sensitive information. Data loss can have devastating financial and reputational impact and the 2020 Privacy Act now requires all breaches to be disclosed.

Data classification is an uncomplicated, but highly effective method of minimising data loss.

Our classification services:

  • Prevent internal and sensitive information leaving your gateway.
  • Seamlesslessly integrates with Outlook to automatically prompt your staff to classify data before sending their email.

RecallIT® preserves your organisation’s professional image by allowing e-mail users to recall faulty messages before they leave your organisation.

Often, you will know the instant you have hit the send button that a message was wrong, or your colleagues will quickly call you if they notice something wrong with a message you have sent to a mixture of internal and external recipients. Until now, once a message had been sent to external parties it could not be retrieved.

RecallIT® also facilitates the management and review of “sensitive” emails by internal recipients before they are released to external recipients.

RecallIT® can eliminate the embarrassment of mistakenly sending a message:

  • That is incomplete (e.g. forgetting to include an attachment referred to in the body, or pressing “send” too early by mistake).
  • To an unintended recipient.
  • With content you discover is out of date or incorrect immediately after sending it. (e.g. copying a message, changing the address but forgetting to change the salutation).
  • Containing more than you intended (e.g. forgetting to take old e-mail content and attachments off when replying or forwarding).
  • Containing wrong words which are spelled correctly (e.g. Retards instead of Regards, Toady instead of Today or Bets Wishes instead of Best Wishes).
  • To external parties that are intended for internal circulation only.

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