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Email Reputation Service

With the increase of phishing and email spoofing, it is important to maintain effective email validation. The SSS Email Reputation Service provides auditable management and control over your organisation’s email domain’s reputation. We have leveraged our 20+ years of experience and partnerships with leading vendors to provide a fully managed service around the establishment of […]

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Cybersecurity Gap Analysis and Roadmap (CGAaR)

CGAaR empowers you with an objective view of your current level of cybersecurity maturity and provides a pragmatic roadmap to help you raise the bar. You will gain an understanding of your compliance level with the controls from the standard of your choice so you can then focus your resources where it matters most to […]

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Controls Catalogue as a Service (CCaaS)

CCaaS empowers you with the platform and expertise required to help manage your controlcompliance lifecycle. By having a single repository for all of your compliance information you can more efficiently trackcontrol assessment information, undertake compliance activities and better understand and mitigateyour gaps. […]

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SSL/TLS certificate expirations

A guide on why SSL/TLS expirations happen, and how to avoid outages caused by expired certificates […]

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PKI Review

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been around for decades but more increased regulations, standards, machine identities, digital transformation programs and the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape is having a significant impact on the way that PKI must be deployed and managed. SSS has developed a framework that focusses on providing visibility of all cryptographic assets, enabling […]

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Security Gap Analysis

Parliamentary Services needed a security gap analysis against the New Zealand Information Security Manual (NZISM) to benchmark their policy, processes, and procedures against best practice standards, particularly for restricted and classified information. […]

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Cybersecurity Awareness

Your users are your organisations biggest risk in terms of cybersecurity. SSS delivers an on-site non technical training programme to help educate your staff about protecting themselves and your organisation online. […]

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The SSS Identity and Access Management Practice

Identity is the nucleus around which all IT services revolve. The SSS Identity and Access Management Practice provide solutions and services that enable trust in organisations – internally and between business partners and clients. […]

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