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  • Aug 31, 2020

Phriendly Phishing has released exciting new features available to all existing subscribers.


Add additional targeting to phishing campaigns. Spearphishing allows admins to create a specific email, target a specific person (or group of people) and deploy at specific times. Spearphishing is designed as a point in time assessment, to complement your current campaign learning paths.

Targets & Scheduling

Allows admins to add additional targeting and scheduling onto specific emails within campaigns. Admins can utilise existing templates or create their own emails, set specific targeting for that email as well as scheduling properties (day of the week, time period, date range). From there, the email will automatically deploy as part of the campaign.


Add trackable .html attachments to phishing campaign emails. When a learner executes on the attachment it will react the same as a click and will be trackable in the admin dashboard.

High-Risk Identification

Allows admins to set up criteria for their organisation that will automatically identify high-risk users. Criteria can be based on course completion, pass rate, clicks or interactions with prior phishing emails.

For the Learners

To further validate the learning experience, customisable certificates are now available to learners at training completion.

New Course Catalogue

The Phriendly Phishing course library is growing rapidly. From the original S.C.A.M. series (phishing training), to Keep Secure 5 (general security awareness) as well as a plethora of short courses, email us today on to receive a copy of the new course catalogue.

Coming Soon

Phriendly Phishing is now backed by CyberCX, Australia’s greatest force of cyber security experts. And with that backing comes a higher investment into the further development of the Phriendly Phishing platform. Admins should keep an eye out for advancements to come including: advanced reporting, credential capture, course management, micro modules and a S.C.A.M. 101 course revamp.

Webinar Recording

If you’d like a copy of the recent new feature webinar which explains the above in more detail, please get in touch with us.

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