New Features in Phriendly Phishing User Awareness Training

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  • Mar 5, 2019

Recently Damian Grace from Phriendly Phishing, delivered a webinar announcing some new features in their user awareness training solution. These new features are now available to all existing Phriendly Phishing subscribers at no extra cost.

The original SCAM 101 program focuses on introducing concepts and a general understanding of phishing.  The second module, SCAM 201, helps users refine these skills, and involves more user interaction than SCAM 101.

User synchronisation

Organisations can synchronise Active Directory (or Okta) with Phriendly Phishing. This makes it easier to ensure all new staff are enrolled in the Phriendly Phishing program, and to remove staff as they leave the organisation. 

Phishing email template creation and management

One of the real strengths of the Phriendly Phishing solution is that it automates and randomises the sending of phishing emails to staff. However, sometimes you may want to tailor some specific phish emails to be used in the pool. 

In the portal you can now view all the existing phish email templates and either edit an existing template to create a variant, or create an entirely new phish email template. You can also use a real phishing email as a starting point for new templates.

There is the ability to tailor information fields such as the name of the individual staff members, and you can also disable specific phish emails in the pool. 

Test for USB-based attacks

One of the key “safety” messages to tell staff is not to plug unknown or unauthorised USB drives into their computer.

With Phriendly Phishing you can now test staff on this. You can use the portal to “arm” a USB drive with call home functionality. You then distribute those armed devices around your offices and can use the portal to track any use of them by staff.

The method of arming is to upload a “loaded” .docx file to the device. On access it places a call back to the Phriendly Phishing portal. It is harmless – just sending an “I was accessed from here” message. 

Webinar recording

If you’d like to get a copy of the webinar recording that explains the new features in more detail, please get in touch with us.

Next steps

The next major change that Shearwater is working on is something called Learning Paths. This will provide much greater flexibility in different users are assigned to different training programs. Keep an eye out for a follow-up article on this closer to the release date.

Please get in touch if you would like to be added to the beta testing program for Learning Paths.