November 21, 2017  |  Sales

We are happy to announce that SSS has been selected as one of the suppliers for the new All of Government ICT Security and Related Services Panel (SRS Panel). 

The SRS Panel is made up of an approved group of industry experts who have been selected to provide government agencies with ICT security services and advice.

The intention of the SRS Panel is to grow market capability and to ensure a consistent and cost-effective service is provided to all government agencies. 

As a service provider, SSS is contracted to provide eligible government agencies with the following categories of ICT security and related services:

  • InfoSec Risk Management and Assessment.
  • InfoSec Governance and Strategy.
  • InfoSec Assurance.

Being on the Panel makes it easy for eligible Agencies to select us as a service provider using an appropriate secondary procurement processes.

Click here for more information on the process to adopt the service.

We are excited to continue supporting our existing Agency customers and extend our offerings and expertise to more Agencies under this new Panel.