February 26, 2019  |  SSS Consulting Team

We are pleased to introduce Gavin Willbond who recently joined our team as a senior information security consultant. Gavin is an experienced IT security professional who specialises in developing and facilitating cyber security awareness training programmes. Gavin has previously provided security advice to leadership teams and has helped them formulate and implement cyber security strategies and policies.

Gavin enjoys working closely with customers in the public and private sectors. His experience includes:

  • working with standard security frameworks such as NZISM, ISO27001, NIST, and the Resilience Management Model
  • reviewing existing and developing new security policies
  • investigating security issues and providing mitigation and resolution advice
  • assessing risk and security maturity profiles
  • developing cyber security incident response plans.

"We are very excited that Gavin has joined our team," says Ashton Jones, General Manager, SSS - IT Security Specialists. "Gavin is a highly experienced security professional.  We are pleased that he will be able to offer his cyber security awareness training programme as part of our comprehensive portfolio of cyber security solutions".

The importance of educating users

Gavin believes that all users play an important part in defending IT systems against attackers.

Through his passion in empowering people to help organisations protect their systems, he has developed an IT security awareness programme that resonates with both technical and non-technical audiences.  

Gavin is a Carnegie Mellon University approved instructor in the OCTAVE Allegro risk methodology, as well as other cyber security courses such as "The Fundamentals of Incident Handling".

"I really dislike the fact that staff, whatever their job, go to work and inadvertently become an insider threat to their organisation.  This happens so easily because the bad guys use such well crafted deceitful measures to trick the staff member into helping them break in", says Gavin. "I am passionate about educating any staff member that has access to a keyboard and mouse to understand what to look out for so they don't become an innocent part of a compromise".

Understanding risk and IT security maturity profile provides a strong foundation to your IT security initiatives

"To know where you should be heading, it is important to know where you are now", says Gavin. "Assessing your gaps, risks, and your maturity posture will help lay a strong foundation for you to build upon."