July 24, 2020  |  SSS Marketing Team

We had an exciting opportunity recently to join Wellington East Girls College for their STEAM Day as part of their Purple Power week. Purple Power is an important initiative for them that started five years ago as an initiative by their then head girl Olive Brown. The purpose of the event is to celebrate girl power and to encourage students to wear their feminism on their sleeve. One of the school's objectives is for this event to become a nationwide event and it perpetuates change, gender equality, and continue to embed feminist empowerment and mindset. You can read more about the event here.

For their STEAM Day, they invited inspirational women in industries such as Sciences, Technology, and the Arts to share their career stories and journeys with the students. The day was incredibly well organised by a group of students and it was lovely to be included.

Our speakers: Georgia Elliott, Marianne Cruz, and joined by Micah de Vos from Optimal Workshop shared their journeys into IT security. They spent time discussing the importance of IT security and how to best get into the industry. The important message was that IT security is so much more than just technical skills and that there are opportunities for women of all backgrounds, interests and personalities.

As part of our tertiary and secondary engagement, we want to create awareness of the importance of the IT security industry. There is often a misconception that IT security should only be for males, and so often female students don't think that they could be successful in this space. Our message to all young people (and on this day to the Wellington East Girls College) is that it isn't about gender or culture, but anybody can have a successful career in the IT security industry if they have the passion, drive, and skills - whether they see themselves in a more technical role, a consultant, project, or sales role.

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Image supplied by students from the Wellington East Girls' Collage.