September 28, 2018  |  SSS Sales

Join us on Friday 19 October at 11am NZST for a free webinar where you can learn how you can achieve a successful security awareness culture.

Savvy security and IT professionals are now aware that they need to take a leadership role in addressing the human component of cyber security.

Join Damian Grace, General Manager of Phriendly Phishing, on Friday 19 October at 11am NZST for this free webinar.  Damian will share his steps for creating a security awareness program that minimises human error.

Damian will offer actionable tips and share lessons learned from organisations that have achieved a security awareness culture.

You will learn about:

  • Common security practices your users are ignoring right now.
  • How to start with the end in mind and set goals.
  • How to communicate for success and win hearts and minds.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when managing a security awareness program.


Even if you are not able to make the time of the webinar - we will be recording this so you can register to receive the recording.

Click here if you would like to learn more about Phriendly Phishing.

About the Speaker

Damian Grace

Damian Grace is the Founder and General manager of Phriendly Phishing, Phishing Awareness Training and Simulation.  Leading the Ethical Hacking team at Shearwater for over eight years, Damian saw the impact of phishing on organisations.  When his grandfather was scammed out of his life savings, he made it his mission to create an effective anti-phishing solution to educate users.  Damian is now the General Manager at Phriendly Phishing, the phishing awareness training solution he founded which has grown to provide training for thousands of users across Australia and New Zealand.

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