March 06, 2019  |  SSS Sales Team

Join us on Friday 22 March at 11am NZST for a free webinar.

As corporate data moves off premises and into the cloud, data protection architected from the ground up becomes increasingly important to protect your data everywhere.

In this webinar, Garth Gilbert from Netskope will discuss what you can do to protect your cloud-based corporate data in an environment where your traditional protection does not apply.

Learn how you can implement 360º data protection that will guard your sensitive data with cloud DLP and encryption across SaaS, IaaS, and the web.

Shadow IT is also a big concern for most organisations. Garth will discuss the challenges around Shadow IT and what you can do to address the problem. If you don't know what your staff are doing, there is no way for you to protect your organisation and enable your people to work safely.

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