April 06, 2018  |  SSS Security Consulting Team

On 17 April 2018, Paul Platen, our Principal PKI and Identity Management Consultant, will be presenting at the next Bay of Plenty Regional Council Security Interest Group in Tauranga.  The event will be attended by an audience from various industries in both the public and private sector.

At this session Paul will provide useful information on how you could integrate PKI into your business systems and what it could mean for you and your organisation.  He will include the following:

  • Demystifying PKI
  • How to integrate PKI into business systems
  • Using PKI in an everyday situation
  • Enterprise benefits of using PKI

Paul is a cyber security professional with extensive experience designing, deploying and consulting on technology solutions in the field of PKI and Identity Management.  He has experience providing PKI solutions in both the public and private sector that included large multi-national private organisations as well as government departments in South Africa.

Some of his specific areas of expertise include:

  • User and device authentication
  • Encryption of data at rest / transit
  • PKI deployments that include on-premise, managed service and hybrid architectures
  • Digital signatures for client on-boarding in paper-less environments
  • Biometric solutions for user identification and non-repudiation

If you are interested and wanted to attend this presentation, please register by clicking here.